Project Team 2022-23

Project Directors

Dr Jim Anderson

Dr Yu-Chiao Chung

Dr Judith Rifeser

Professor Vicky Macleroy

Research Institution and Lead Researchers in England

Centre for Language, Culture and Learning, Goldsmiths, University of London – Dr Jim Anderson, Dr Yu-Chiao Chung, Dr Judith Rifeser and Prof Vicky Macleroy

Project Schools and Lead Educators in England

Central Foundation Girls’ School (Secondary School) – Shabita Shamsad

Europa School (Primary School) – Liz Cook

Europa School (Primary School) – Marie Gaillard

Europa School (Secondary School) – Sandrine Philippot

Haberdashers’ Hatcham Free School (Primary School) – Claire Hackney and Susi Sahmland (Goldsmiths)

Kalamna Arabic School (Arabic Complementary School) – Saussan Khalil

Ormiston Beachcroft Academy (Primary/Secondary Pupil Referral Unit) – Laurence Kidd

Peace School (Arabic Complementary School) – Fatima Khaled

Portuguese School 1 (Portuguese Complementary School) – Helena Ferreira

Portuguese School 2 (Portuguese Complementary School) – Teresa Rodrigues

Seaford High School (Secondary School) – Michael Vidon

Shirasu Bunko (Japanese Reading Group) – Hiroko Roberts-Taira

Tamil Academy of Languages (Tamil Complementary School) – Siva Pillai

Research Institution and Lead Researchers in Australia

Sydney Institute for Community Languages Education, University of Sydney – Prof Ken Cruickshank and Merryl Wahlin

Multilingualism Research Centre, Macquarie University, Sydney – Dr Sue Ollerhead

Project Schools and Lead Educators in Australia

Greek Community of Mascot & District Inc., Greek Community Language Afternoon School (Greek Complementary School) – Katerina Vetsikas and Paraskevi Triantafyllopoulou Trifyllis

St Spyridon Greek Afternoon and Saturday School, New South Wales (Greek Complementary School) – Helen Pavlidis

St George College, Adelaide, South Australia (Greek Complementary School) – Theochti Antoniadou

Greek School of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (Greek Complementary School) – Stella Alexiou 

Greek Language and Culture Institute of Evangelismos (Greek Complementary School) – Polychronis Koutsakis 

Hoodan Noor Guidance of the Light Arabic School (Arabic Complementary School) – Naamet Sleiman

Secondary College of Languages (Portuguese) – Felipe Basioli

Secondary College of Languages (Arabic and Turkish) – Zeinab Ballouk and Canan Korkut

Sydney Chinese School (Chinese Complementary School) – Abby Ke and Liang Lihong

3LS Creative Centre inc. Arabic School (Arabic Complementary School) – Samar Dweik

Project School and Lead Educator in Cyprus

Kamares Primary School (Primary School) – Dr Sotia Stavrou

3rd Primary School of Paphos, St. Paul, Cyprus (Primary School) – Iliana Konstantinidou

Research Initiative and Lead Researchers in Egypt

Hadi Badi – Children’s and adolescent’s literature and culture in Arabic and creative learning – Dr Hend Badawi, Dr Miranda Bishara and Dr Raneem Hassan

Research Institution and Lead Researcher in Germany

Martin Luther University, Halle – Dr Grit Berger

Project Schools and Lead Educators in Italy

Herz-Jesu Institut Mühlbach (Secondary School) – Elfi Troi

Maria Hueber Gymnasium Bozen (Secondary School) – Bret Hodges and Olga Kmit

Project School and Lead Educator in India

K’sirs International School, Tamil Nadu (Secondary School) – Lalitha Prakash

Project School and Lead Educator in Malaysia

SJK Masai, Malaysia (Secondary School) – Dr Khasturi Ramalingam

Project School and Lead Educator in Switzerland

Greek Complementary School of Lausanne (Greek Complementary School) – Dr Vally Lytra (Goldsmiths)

Research Institution and Lead Researcher in Spain

University of Saragossa, Spain – Dr Daniela Muela

Research Institution and Lead Researchers in Taiwan

Institute of Education, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan – Prof Yating Yang

Project Schools and Lead Educators in Taiwan

Changsing Elementary School (Primary School) – Wen Kai Chen

Feng Shan Senior High School Taiwan (Secondary School) – Peter Lo

Keelung Municipal Sin Yi Junior High School (Secondary School) – Ming-chih Huang 

Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School(Secondary School) – Vivian Hung

Project School and Lead Educator in Turkey

Safir International School, Istanbul (Secondary School) – Lamyaa Ismail and Sara Shahwan (Goldsmiths)

Project IT Support

Graham Salter

Social Media Manager

Carmen Obied