British Film Institute


Digital Connections II

Training Session – BFI Southbank 23rd October 12.30 – 16.00

Studio Cinema and Learning Space


STUDIO CINEMA: Introduction and Welcome

1. We’ll begin the session in our Studio Cinema space where we explore the subject of ‘Fairness’ through watching and analysing specially sourced and selected short films. See films


2. Camera’s – an overview, camera shots.

3. Using Photo Story 3 to construct a narrative using editing functions:

Using a folder of images and audio files you will construct a short picture story using effects, transitions, titles and audio – all the main functions of any editing programme. (Includes storyboard). Handout

4. Animating:

Stop-motion animating is a very simple process and we’ll show you how and you will learn how to operate the programme we use – laptop/s with the software pre-installed will be available to borrow during the project. Handout

5. Editing:

We’ll use our animation short to look at two simple to use editors – Movie Maker 0.6 and Serif Movie Studio 6.

6. Green Screen:

Finally, you will be able to have some fun with the Green Screen.