Our Planet Films – page 1

  1. Europa School UK (primary), Toi, Moi, Tree, 2021

Languages: French, English

“Our project started during Lockdown. We were homeschooling. We were working on ecosystems and climate change. We were also studying poetry. We couldn’t see each other. We couldn’t go out very far. But we dreamt together of forests and a project that would bring us together. In this project we wanted to say that Earth is beautiful and unique and accepts all differences but our planet is unwell. So what can we do?” This film includes class 5FE’s art work, poetry and even some gardening!

2. Tainan Municipal Changsing Elementary School, Revealing the Secrets of Joss Paper, 2021

Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, English

In Taiwan, burning Joss Paper is a common ritual of daily life. Joss Paper burning originated during the Tang Dynasty in ancient China. It represents respect for the Heaven and the Earth. In our fast-paced modern society, the cultural significance of the Joss Paper has been forgotten. With the raise of environmental concern, the industry has encountered difficulty to survive. In view of this issue, the children decided to investigate this gradually forgotten culture with their teacher. They interviewed the owners of the factory and the incense shop. The children also started to consider how they can solve the problem to gain a balance between the modernization and traditional values. They hope with their efforts, this culture and industry can develop sustainably.

3. Tawasol Community School Egypt, Congratulations you have won a sheep!, 2021

Languages: Arabic, English

The story started when one of the students won a sheep as a prize, but under one condition. He has to keep him where he lives on his planet and the sheep will have to make a difference. Where will the student keep the sheep and can an
animal make a difference in a school?

4. Saint Jérôme CofE UK, Plagued by Plastic, 2021

Languages: French, German, Arabic, English

This film was inspired by our desire to raise awareness of excess plastic packaging and waste leading to harmful plastic pollution in the world. Each of us focused on one continent and used a puppet to narrate the story. The different puppets explain how damaging plastic pollution is to aquatic and terrestrial animals and ecosystems and suggest ways to improve our behaviour. We hope that this film will inspire you to reuse, reduce and recycle more!

5. Croatian Supplementary School UK, Planet Earth Planet Zemlja, 2021

Languages: Croatian, English

Rivers and water give life to us and to the whole Earth.As water is key to life, we need to keep it clean. As inhabitants of this Planet we should take care of it. Humans are polluting the Earth by cutting down rainforests and driving cars that pollute the Earth. The Earth is being deleted slowly. This movie contains true facts about our Earth. It also gives us some ideas how we can save the world. Its theme is about the world how we know it now and what will happen if we don’t try to change our damaging habits and behaviour.
Teče, teče bistra voda, ime joj je Sava.