Film Festival 2014

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The 2014 Film Festival, that took  place on Tuesday 17th June in the New Academic Building at Goldsmiths, was the culmination to the second year of the Critical Connections project and a celebration of the achievement of students across the project schools in the UK and overseas.

Film Festival Programme


Booklet download

Festival films. Please add your comments in VoiceThread.

Film 1: A Tour to China
Film 2: Watching Television
Film 3: Captain America
Film 4: A Journey though Senior High School
Film 5: Hot dance club
Film 6: Haringey’s Journey
Film 7: Starting Chinese
Film 8: Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Film 9: A Journey to Croatia: Did you know?
Film 10: Happy Easter
Film 11: Journey Through My Music
Film 12: A Journey through Fictional Worlds

Film 13: Young Palestinian Talent
Film 14: A Life Journey: Leading Through Example
Film 15: Rise
Film 16: Men in Masks: The Chase
Film 17: My Sad Journey
Film 18: Meine Hobbys
Film 19: Meine Freizeit
Film 20: Welcome to Bohunt!
Film 21: A Tour of Bohunt!
Film 22: Journeys of Captain James Cook

Film23: Malaysian Independence Day Celebrations

Film 24: Journeys of Ibn Battuta


Interview with Michael Rosen about Poetry and the Film Festival 2014 (Elstree UTC Students)

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