Our Planet Films – page 2

6. Fengshan Senior High School Taiwan, A Tree’s Words

Languages: Mandarin Chinese,Taiwanese, English

The character is a ten-month-old pot plant living in kaohsiung. At first, he loved going to school with his master, as he could get some fresh air. However, as winter came, he found that the air was not as pleasant as it was in summer. He later learned that in winter, air pollution in Kaohsiung was usually worse. The sand storm and pollutants from China and the pollutants created by local factories all made the matter worse. Then the pot plant had a chance to chat with an old tree in the Weiwuying Metropolitan Park. He came to learn something he had never seen before.

7. Kamares Primary School Cyprus, Waking up from a Nightmare, 2021

Languages: Modern Standard Greek, English

The film has been developed after students read a Japanese story “Baku: The Eater of Dreams” written by Lafcadio Hearn. Each student then wrote a story about a nightmare they had which involved planet earth and climate change. Then they choose specific words from their story and used them to write poems in the form of haiku, which is also a Japanese poem. The scenario consisted of 23 environmental haikus which were placed in a specific order by the students. Each haiku has a hidden message regarding earth, peoples’ attitude towards the environment and possible dangers for our planet soon.

  1. Europa School UK (secondary), Green Planet Dreamers, 2021

Languages: French, German, Spanish, English

This film is presents different dreams about environmental problems and solutions. Groups of students in a class felt asleep during a lesson and dreamt about the planet and its state. The students of four secondary levels presented their vision of the earth at this stage in different types of short movies (slow motion, images, play doh, real film…). They were really involved in demonstrating the problems in the hopes of helping others be consciously aware and to act in the future to save the planet.

9. Alwan and Awtar Association Egypt, Mehneshy, 2021

Languages: Arabic, English

Mehneshy is a creature that lived in a beautiful place but he was lonely. So he decided to go to Egypt and ended up at Alwan wa Awtar. What will happen to Mehneshy and how will he adapt to his new environment?

10. Safir International School Turkey, Breeze – تامسن , 2021

Languages: Arabic, English

When despair grows in a group of school students, they grab their notebooks and set off on a journey to explore the wonders of nature around them. They wonder how it feels to fly as a bird, to flow as a river, and to stand tall as a tree. In the ‘Breeze’, they find their voices that could bring up the spirit of spring despite lockdown. Here is an invitation to join them on an awe-inspiring nature walk.