Conference 2014

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Critical Connections: Multilingual Digital Storytelling Conference

Department of Educational Studies: Goldsmiths, University of London

Friday 16th May (9.45 – 4.00)

Conference Programme

10.15 Top floor Plenary: Project overview and key findings(Jim Anderson, Vicky Macleroy, Yu-chiao Chung) SEE VOICETHREAD MDST unpacked (pdf) Summary of project findings in 8 categoriesPDF  Critical Connections references PDF
11.00 Top floor Plenary:Technology, culture and cognition: dialogic and critical approaches (John Jessel)
11.40 First floor Workshops 1 
  Room 220
  1. Language learning, multilingual repertoires, identities

     Jim Anderson, Fatima Khaled (Peace School)

  Room 224
  1. Multimodal composition and creativity

John Jessel, Yu-Chiao Chung, VOICETHREAD

Chryso Charalambous and Maria Yerosimou (Potters Bars Greek School)

  Room 226
  1. Intercutural understanding, international partnerships and active citizenship VOICETHREAD

Vicky Macleroy, Reem Abdelhadi (Ealing Arabic School),

Mirela Dumic (Croatian Supplementary School) PDF

1.30 Top floor Plenary: “Share my story”. Identity objects as resources for learning (Gabi Budach) PDF 
2.30 First floor Workshops 2 
  Room 220
  1. Learner autonomy, critical thinking and student voice

     Anna Carlile PDF, Andy Jackson, Sam Whear (Gladesmore School)

  Room 224
  1. Sites of learning: school, home, online PDF

Yu-Chiao Chung, Lihong Man (Hua Hsia Chinese School)

  Room 226
  1. Pedagogy, school policy issues and curriculum planning PDF

   Jim Anderson, Vicky Macleroy, Katja Ting (Hua Hsia Chinese School) PDF

3.30 Top Floor Panel im Anderson, Gabi Budach, Anna Carlile, Yu-Chiao Chung, John Jessel, Abi Knipe, Vicky Macleroy

Presentations and handouts


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