MDST Awards 2017 at the BFI



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Stories have inspired humanity for generations. Few other funds of human experience have unfolded similar powers in connecting people across time, space, generations and cultures. The renewed interest in storytelling points to its educational potential and the continued impact on people’s lives and learning. The Multilingual Digital Storytelling Awards 2017 at the British Film Institute is the culmination to the fourth year of the Critical Connections project and a celebration of the achievement of students across project schools in the UK and overseas. This is a celebratory event showcasing some of the best work by students from schools across England, Algeria, Cyprus, Palestine, Taiwan and the United States. Working around the theme or belonging films have incorporated a range of languages including Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, English, English as an additional and foreign language, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish,
Tamil and Turkish.


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