Our Planet Films – page 5

Film 24 – Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls’ High School Taiwan – Wonderland Forest

Languages: Mandarin Chinese and English

The film depicts the journey of a pair of siblings who are careless of the environment. They travel through the primeval forests of Taiwan and meet and talk to many endangered Taiwanese conservation species, thus learning the importance of protecting the environment and echoing the theme of Our Planet. Also, this animated film was illustrated with the voice of the animals by our group members and our siblings. The characters are all made by digital drawing.

Film 25 – Sydney Chinese School Australia – Pollution in the Ocean

Languages: Chinese and English

Bob (played by Antonio Dias) has found a new island out in the ocean, but it’s not a real island, being made out of trash from daily routines such as plastic straws and plastic shopping bags. The two news reporters (played by Armando Dias and Kevin Liu) explain how these trash islands appear, what these islands can do to the environment and the ways of how to stop them appearing.

Film 26 – Peace School UK – Recycle, Upcycle, Reuse

Languages: Arabic and English

Mohammad al mazwagi and his mother show us how she takes measures in her home to recycle, upcycle and reuse items in order to be proactive towards saving the planet. Mohamed’s mother was heavily involved with his work and the topic students were covering around the environment. She decided to share ways we can take action at home to be more sustainable and look after our planet.

Film 27 – Ormiston Beachcroft Academy Secondary U7 – Can’t Breathe, Won’t Breathe

Languages: Arabic, Chaldean, Farsi, Portuguese and English

Ormiston Beachcroft Academy Secondary learners have created a spoken word poetry film about climate issues. The poem has been written and performed by these learners. The refrain ‘Can’t Breathe Won’t Breathe’ reminds us of the power of the spoken word and collaboration. The learners have big voices which they have used to explore issue close to their heart. The video imagery and soundscape has been collated by Malachi Kidd, a Queen’s Park Community pupil who also collaborated in last year’s project.  The film is simple yet effective. The learners hope the film will not only raise awareness of the climate issue of the planet, but also demonstrate how young people coming together on a project can make changes by using digital media as a means to inspire change.    

Film 28 – Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls’High School Taiwan – illife – Day by Day COVID 19 Quarantine

Languages: Mandarin Chinese and English

Our original plan was to meet different people in different places and record all kinds of lovely little things in life. However, due to the sudden increase of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Taiwan, we decided to change the theme after much discussion. We wish to record the unique way of life in this unique period of time through this video. We also learned to slow down while we adapt to life in the pandemic and take time to observe the beauty around us that we had failed to notice before.