Our Planet Films – page 3

11. Evangelische Grundschule Halle Germany, Little Red Hen Travels the World, 2021

Languages: Polish, Mandarin Chinese, Romanian, German, Russian, English

This film is inspired by the picture book “Little Red Hen“. The main character is a red hen that wants to make bread. Therefore she has to deal with different tasks all over the world, such as planting and cutting wheat. On her journey she meets many animals and asks for their help but they deny it. This movie is supposed to reflect social behavior in a playful and childlike way.

12. EIFA International School, Notre Planete / Our Planet, 2021

Languages: Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, French, English

Some children, living in a central city realise the impact pollution is having on the world around them and decide to do something about it. They focus on littering, burning fossil fuels and the destruction of animals’ homes. The look at how
to reuse, recycle and protect the environment around them, including caring for animals.

13. Seaford Head School UK, I’m not the first to speak up … Regarde / Look … Si j’étais toi / If I were you … Sakura, 2021

Languages: French, English

A sequence of poems in which the first poem denounces human-made destruction and calls us to act; the next animated poem describes the earth’s destruction; the third poem invites us to imagine environmental destruction directed at us as both actors and victims; the final poem takes us on the journey of the Japanese flower Sakura, a metaphor for the fleeting and fragile state our planet is in.

14. Seaford Head School UK, Il faut l’arrêter / We must stop it … Le Changement climatique a un effet sur tout le monde / Climate change impacts everybody … What CO2 does … La vérité est dans ce poème / The truth is in the poem … Planet Earth getting hot like this beat, 2021

Languages: French, English

A sequence of poems where in the first poem the poets exhort viewers to act to save the dying Earth; the second showcases the local and global effect of climate change; the third explains the dangers of too much CO2 in the atmosphere; the fourth rap is a commentary on the SeaSpiracy documentary and dangers of consumerism; the last rap invites us to act to save the planet in rhythm and not without a little bit of bilingual humour!

15. Taipei Zhongshan Girls High School Taiwan, Have You Ever Dreamed About A War?, 2021

Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English

Oh, no! The enemies are going to occupy the atmosphere of our planet. What can we do to stop them? A girl dreamed about a war, the same war every night. At first, she thought it was just an ordinary dream and paid no attention to it. But a few days later, she saw a mysterious picture in the school library, surprisingly identical to the one in her dream. Out of curiosity, she took action in the real world in order to support her comrades in the dream. Will it work? Who’s going to win? Will the earth be safe at last?