Film Screening and Film Booklet – 2022

Film Booklet

The Film Booklet was created by Lucy Rogers with all the wonderful illustrations and images from students’ work on the project. Lucy Rogers is an artist, writer, and film programmer. She is a doctoral researcher in the School of Arts at the University of Westminster.

The cover illustration was completed by Victoria Lechner at the Herz-Jesu Institut Mühlbach Italy.

Film Screening

The festival shares the stories these young filmmakers have told about their local and global communities and their futures. There are 27 languages included in the digital stories and lead educators have worked with young participants (6 – 18 years old) across 25 educational institutions (primary, secondary, community-based complementary) and 9 countries (Australia, Cyprus, England, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, Taiwan and Turkey). There is a short, pre-recorded introduction or slides before each film.

The Film Screening was edited by Philip Kapadia. Philip is an Avid Media Composer film editor with experience across television, long-form film, documentary, music video, and online work. Philip specialises in offline film editing and within that, focuses on the art of storytelling. He is currently studying editing and post-production at Ravensbourne University. Here is a link to his website:

Recording – Our Planet Festival 2022

Introduction to the festival by Vicky Macleroy on behalf of Critical Connections Team (Yu-Chiao Chung, Judith Rifeser, Jim Anderson, & Vicky Macleroy). Poetry performance by Michael Rosen and Q & A led by Judith Rifeser. Multilingual Poetry Workshop led by poet and French teacher, Michaël Vidon, based on the work of a French collective running workshops imagining a world with no oil, no states and localised experiences: Multilingual poetry and artwork produced by students shared by Yu-Chiao Chung. Opening of the festival in the afternoon by Vicky Macleroy. Introduction to the online screening by Jim Anderson. Summing up, thanks, and reflections led by Vicky Macleroy.