Professional Development

Teachers and researchers have worked collaboratively through this project to develop and refine a pedagogical approach which draws on the power of the digital media to support the process of language-and-culture learning. Key principles are:

  1. An integrated and inclusive view of language learning which resists hierarchical perspectives and supports the development of plurilingual repertoires as well as an awareness of ways in which languages intersect.
  2. A project-based interdisciplinary approach in which Languages operate alongside the Arts, Humanities and Citizenship, drawing thoughtfully on the affordances of the digital media.
  3. A translingual-transcultural perspective leading to deeper and richer learning and opening up spaces for negotiation of identity.
  4. An extended understanding of literacy (multilingual and multimodal), harnessing the power of story in processes of meaning-making.
  5. A recognition of resources for learning beyond the classroom walls – in home and community (school as ‘basecamp’).
  6. An approach which is dialogic, learner-centred, critical and creative, incorporating affective, experiential and aesthetic ways of knowing.

A priority for us has been to provide guidance and support for teachers and teacher educators interested in multilingual digital storytelling. Working collaboratively with teachers in the project we have compiled a detailed Handbook for Teachers which provides step-by-step guidance for planning and implementing a project through the stages of pre-production, production and post-production:

The professional development approach we have come to see as most beneficial is one which integrates drama within digital media training sessions. Using personal objects as a trigger, workshop participants are guided in developing story ideas, turning these into simple storyboards, filming and then editing.

Supplementing the handbook are various resources mainly covering digital media skills:

Resources for digital storytelling

Use of Cameras and Filming

Stage to Screen

Storyboard Template

PowerPoint Storyboard Template

Microsoft Photo Story 3

Windows Live Movie Maker

Making a Movie with iPads

Stop Motion Animation

Using Green Screen

Film Editing

Serif Movie Plus X6

Windows Video Editor

Relevant pedagogical ideas have also been developed through our work around museum artefacts developed as an extension to the Critical Connections project.

There are links here with work with have developed around interactions with museum objects:

Teacher Professional Development site to support use of Arabic resource ‘Language in Art and the Work of Ali Omar Ermes: 

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