Our Planet Films 2022 – page 1

Film 1 – Europa Primary School UK (1) – From my Window- De ma Fenêtre

Languages: French and English

Class 5FE have written and recorded a song about both the world they can see and hear from their bedroom windows, and their accompanying dreams and fears about the current state of the planet. The film consists of the artwork and digital animations they made to illustrate their song. Their work initially focused on the environment, but gradually it evolved to incorporate their collective response to the Ukrainian crisis and to issues relating to social justice.

Film 2 – Changsing Elementary School Taiwan – Smart Burners of Joss Paper

Languages: Mandarin Chinese and English

The culture of burning joss paper is a popular traditional ritual. However, because of the air pollution it can cause, people have a second thoughts about it. The students at Changsing Elementary School want to change the negative impression of burning joss paper by designing smart burners. Those smart burners are very practical.

Film 3 – Secondary College of Languages Australia – Our Dying Planet

Languages: Arabic, Turkish and English

The film focuses on the idea of sustainability. In the film a group of concerned students realise that if they were to continue with their current attitude, that the future generations will not have any resources left. In the short video they try to bring awareness to the importance of saving water and recycling. Thus, the aim of the film is to raise awareness of the environmental issues prevalent within our current world.

Film 4 – Haberdashers’ Hatcham Temple Grove Free School UK – Und Der Letzte Baum – And The Last Tree

Languages: German and English

Over the course of the past terms, Year 4 have been reading the story Edward und der letzte Baum by Peter Carnavas. We have been using this to tell our own version of the story in German lessons, linking in with issues of sustainability and the environment that we have also looked at in Outdoor Learning.

Film 5 – Shirasu Bunko UK – The Extinction Crisis of Kintaro’s Friend – The Future of Bears in Japan

Languages: Japanese and English

Today’s Japan. The film shows how bears, which were once regarded as gentle mountain creatures, are now causing problems in the human habitat and where the problems are coming from. The students used digital tools such as movies and slides as well as traditional skills of origami and calligraphy to present their ideas. The film was produced remotely throughout the whole process without students’ gathering due to the corvid restrictions and the conditions that our Saturday school faces.

Film 6 – SJK (T) Masai Malaysia – The Nature Lover, Varuna

Languages: Malay, Tamil and English

This film is about ten years old girl named Varuna. She loves nature. Her father has a cow farm. Every day, she helps her parents. She fed the cows and get milk of the cows. But Varuna started to be disappointed and felt failure as she can’t fulfil her fathers’ request to plant vegetable on an empty area near her house. The plants wilt and it will not grow at all! After she get information about cow’s dung from her teacher, she started to use cow’s dung as fertilizer. Her vegetable plants began to thrive. She was so happy.