Our Planet Films 2022 – page 4

Film 19 – Maria Huber High School, Italy – Learning Lessons

Languages: Arabic, German, Italian and English

The film is a combination of work done on the year‘s theme of prejudice and racism, and a social education project on environmental sustainability. The students learned how the territory occupied by Native Americans (in the present day USA) was systematically taken from them, first by European colonists, and later by the United States government. They also studied ‘Chief Seattle’s Letter’. This was, supposedly, a letter written by Chief Seattle, of the Suquamish Tribe, and directed towards US President Pierce in 1855. The sentiment reflected Native Americans‘ understanding of the need to respect and sustain their natural environment. This was in contrast to a basic white American policy of exploitation of resources without regard to environmental costs.

Film 20 – Kalamna CIC Arabic School UK – Climate Change

Languages: Arabic and English

In this film we recite a short poem we wrote about climate change. It roughly translates as follows (although the rhyme doesn’t translate!): O Human! / Reuse / Save the animals / -Don’t throw away waste / Keep your bottle safe / Save the forest / – If time runs out / And all dies / We will mourn the plants / -O Human! / Save the animals.

Film 21 – Seaford Head School UK – Seaford Head Stories

Languages: French, Italian and English

The two French year 10 classes worked in small groups on their own films and were free to decide on the themes and ways of producing. They tackled animal extinction, causes of the destructions of rain forest, who can be blamed and what can individuals do!

Film 22 – Safir International School Turkey – A Walk Around Earth

Languages: English

A walk around Earth focuses on the beauties and flaws of our planet. It begins with Hala as she explores our vast universe landing on planet Earth. She then is intrigued with our Earth’s nature. Poems describing the different beauties on Earth showing us what a great place we live in. Hala then continues scrolling through the website stopping on the flaws and destruction that humans have caused to our planet Earth. Throughout “A walk around Earth”, the audience will enjoy the beauties of Earth as well as learning about the destruction on it. 

Film 23 – ‘Greek Community of Mascot & District Inc.’, Greek Community Language Afternoon School Australia – Our Planet: O Πλανήτηςμας

Languages: Greek and English

The students take the role of reporters and contemplate life in 2050. They investigate the catastrophic effects of climate change. Temperature rise, littering, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, tsunamis and drought are the new reality. Change is urgent more than ever for saving our planet Earth.