Film Festival 2013

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The Film Festival, which took place on 24th June 2013 in the New Academic Building at Goldsmiths, was the culmination to the first year of the Critical Connections project and a celebration of the achievement of students across the project schools. Introduced by Professor Ken Jones, Head of the Department of Educational Studies at Goldsmiths, the festival was attended by a number of VIPs including: His Excellency, Ambassador Shen, Taipei Representative Office in the U.K.; The Counsellor Minister Mr Meriem Noureddine, Algerian Embassy; Baroness Estelle Morris (Chair of Council at Goldsmiths, Trustee of Paul Hamlyn Foundation); Abigail Knipe and Nora Loewenberg (Paul Hamlyn Foundation); Pascale Vassie (National Resource Centre).

 On this page you can find:

  • introduction by project directors, Dr Jim Anderson and Dr Vicky Obied
  • links to all the films shown at the film festival with introductions by teachers and students from each school
  • clip of students from Peace School  explaining what digital storytelling means to them
  • a short speech delivered by Baroness Morris on the day
  • comments from panel at end of festival
  • Film Review Booklet
  • Film Festival Activity Booklet

Baroness Estelle Morris summing up her impressions of students’ work presented at the film festival


… I was trying to count all the things that you’re showing that you can do and there’s really a lot, working together as a group, everybody who came up here talked about how they’d worked together as a group and it is learning another language because very often in this country we are not good at learning other languages.

… And the other skill of course you’ve showed today is actually the digital film-making. It’s a wonderful thing, but the cleverness is to bring it all together – so you’ve had to work with other people, you’ve had to make the film and learn all those skills and you’ve had to begin to learn a language. And if you put on top of that working with schools from overseas, I just think it’s been a wonderful show of what you’ve been able to do.



Project overview

Introductory Powerpoint presentation by project directors, Dr Jim Anderson and Dr Vicky Obied.


A short clip of students from Peace School explaining what digital storytelling means to them.

Film Review Booklet

This booklet contains the Film Festival programme and a set of activities to develop students’ awareness of linguistic and intercultural connections.

Film Festival Activity Booklet 

This booklet provides summaries of all the films presented at the Film Festival and a simple template for students to give their critical comments.

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