Our Planet Digital Stories

Our Planet Festival 2021 celebrates the multilingual lives of children and young people through the bi- and multi- lingual digital stories they have created during the pandemic. Educators have been working with young participants (6 – 17 years old) across 16 educational institutions (primary, secondary, community-based complementary, pupil referral unit, NGO) and 7 countries (England, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Taiwan, Turkey) and a range of languages. The 3–5-minute films are connected through the theme of ‘Our Planet’ as young people tell their stories across the world. There will be short, pre-recorded introductions to each film.

The films are accessible on DC@ Home from 11 June, 2021 – 23 July, 2021 and will be showcased on the Critical Connections website after being hosted by Deptford Cinema.

You can access films at DC@Home.


Our Planet Digital Storytelling Festival Booklet

You can access the full screening of the films here for ‘Our Planet Digital Storytelling Festival 2021’.