Our Planet Films – page 4

16. Beachcroft AP Academy (primary) UK, How can we make the world a better place?, 2021

Languages: Persian, Portuguese, English

Beachcroft AP Academy is a primary and secondary Alternative Provision in London. All learners participated in the project consisting of poetry writing drumming and performing spoken work. The learners have worked hard on their poem, incorporating drumming which is used as an intervention to enable relaxation and improved focus in learners. This is Beachcroft learners first time participating in a Digital Storytelling Project. We hope this project can be the beginning of many more partnerships, both locally and globally, that can have a positive impact on our world.

17. Beachcroft AP Academy (secondary) UK, Look What We’ve Done, 2021


Kurdish, Arabic, Chaldean, French, Somali, Filipino (Tagalog), English

A group of Beachcroft Year 9/10/11 learners have produced a spoken word poem film over a period of time. The title- ‘Look what we’ve done’ is a hard hitting film that asks us to look at what we are doing to the planet. Soundtrack and visuals created by Malachi Kidd, a Year 8 pupil attending Queens Park Community School, who provided support for the project by creating the soundtrack and video, and editing of the poem. Collaboration between a Westminster Alternative Provision and a Brent Secondary school.

18. Taipei Zhongshan Girls High School Taiwan, Alien’s Journey, 2021

Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English

“Human activities have brought destruction. Through the journey of an alien, we discover the tradition and meaning of
Taiwan sky lanterns festival as well as how some people in Taiwan are making efforts to solve the environmental problems caused by these sky lanterns. It’s hoped that children and adults alike think about the damage to the environment behind the man-made beauty and how we can make up for it. While enjoying the festival atmosphere, we can also protect our planet.

19. Peace School 1 UK, Pollution, 2021

Languages: Arabic, English

The students in this film chose this topic due to personal experiences where family members have become ill or lost their lives as a result of pollution. Many of the students were directly affected by pollution, one of whom has sinus allergies due to living on a busy high way, exposed to high levels of car fumes daily.

20. Peace School 2 UK, Our Planet through Art, 2021

Languages: Arabic, English

This year students made a film about our planet inspired by the art of Ali Ermes which helped them to make their own personal poems. The students were inspired by one of Ali Ermes artwork and they linked it to the issues around our planet. They used digital storytelling to discuss the issues and portray the possible solutions.