MDST Awards 2017 Part 2

Film 08-The Wandering Ronin by  Hua Hsia Chinese School


Mandarin Chinese-English

A long time ago there lived a warrior. He used to be rich, but then became poor. He had no friends or family and his master died. Many year passed, he still

couldn’t find a home. He participated in many fight tournaments, so that he could earn money. One day, his greatest enemy became his friend. He spent so many

years, but he finally found his place.

(Jonathan Dhillon, Oliver Zhao, Trevor Zhao)

Film 09- The Indestructible Belonging by Laonong Elementary School, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Mandarin Chinese-English

This film was created by the Year 5 children and facilitated by the teacher. This film is about how the Pingpu Tribe is fighting for their long-lost recognition of being aborigines. The children visited their community and spoke to the elders in the Tribe as well as scholars. They surprisingly found some old photographs taken by a British photographer. This is their story and they would like to share with you and with their descendants.

(Year 5 class)

Film 10- Telling Stories Through Needle and Thread by Central Foundation Girls’ School

Nokshi Kantha is an embroidered quilt, made predominantly by unskilled village women from Bangladesh, which is sewn to tell a story. The students from Central

Foundation Girls’ School recreated a story called ‘Nokshi Kanthar Math’ by a famous poet called Jasim Uddin, where the main character died of grief after her

husband killed a man and left her. Before she died, she made a Nokshi Kantha and left it for her husband to understand her sorrow and grief.


(Year 7 and Year 8 Bengali Club)

Film 11- A Moving Story from Dhaka to London by Central Foundation Girls’ School


A rickshaw is a type of tricycle which is a popular low-cost form of transportation in Bangladesh known for its colourful and vibrant colours. This is decorated by an untrained male artist and often works as a moving billboard sending a message to its viewers. The students from Central Foundation Girls’ School have prepared an interesting news report, where they interviewed rickshaw drivers and rickshaw artists from Bangladesh and a rickshaw owner in Whitechapel to find out about their professions.

(Anisah Alom, Minha Hossain, Shila Begum, Nishat Hasan, Naima Rahman, Aliyyah Uddin)

Film 12 – Irene- A refugee’s story by Primary School of Liopetri, Cyprus


The film centers around the story of a young girl named Irene (meaning peace in Greek) who was forced to leave her house after it was burned and started a long and tiring journey to find a new place to stay. Being denied a place in the many different countries she went, Irene ends up in the Country of the Enchanted Sculptures. We hope that you enjoy our film!

(Dimitris Kyriakou, Andreas Louka, Nikolas Michaila, Nikolas Koutsou, Paraskevas Constantinou,

Mariam Kkafa, Chryso Giorgalli, Anthimi Mannavi, Eleni Santi, Ioanna Mastrou,

Sotiria Maimaridi, Myrofora Pero, Pavlina Kyriakou, Margarita Christofi)



Film 13- The Village Around the BridgeBy  Brighton Greek School


Picasso’s portraits take part in this unique story about alienation, loneliness and

despair. The residents of a remote village are trapped in their houses by a monster

until they decide to do something about it.


(Antonis Yiatanou, Lambros Skandalis, Varvara Giatsidi, Margarita Chrysostomou, Maria

Coego, Sofa Cale, Maro Tsitou Alifarmaki, Eleni Jamas, Alexis Antoniadis)

Film 14- Three Stories of Belonging by  Taipei Municipal Zhong Shan Girls’ High School, Taiwan


This film is created by students in Zhong Shan Girls’ High School in Taipei, Taiwan. In the talk show, two special guests together with the host reflect on their own

experiences and share their thoughts on what belonging means to them.

(Yu-Chieh Lee, Chia-You Lin, Yun-Yun Chen)

Film 15 -Oh Crumbs! My mum’s speaking English by Woking Turkish School


When children need to interpret for their mums, they sometimes think it’s not fair. When mums speak English, sometimes they don’t get it right and they think
it’s not fair either. Does language have any power over belonging?

(Leon Winter, Suzan Bennett, Eren Kandemir, Defne Eskioglu, Su Eskioglu)

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