Our Planet Films 2022 – page 2

Film 7 – Hoodan Noor Guidance of the Light Arabic and Religion School Australia – Cleanliness, Compost, Recycling, Littering

Languages: Arabic and English

With the film, we were eager to incorporate the majority of our students and teachers in some sort of way. The film is divided into 4 scenes, consisting of the: Cleanliness, Compost, Recycling, and Litter scenes. These scenes explore different aspects we as humans can look after planet Earth. Each scene provided an explanation about why we needed to do our part in looking after the environment and the benefits we can receive from doing so.

Film 8 – Europa Primary School UK – A Reflection on Water

Languages: Spanish, French, Georgian, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Korean, Polish, Slovakian, Romanian

We paused for a while to think about water. We reflected on how beautiful water is, with haiku poetry and art. We learnt about the water cycle and pollution and were inspired by inventions to clean up rivers and seas. But it was when we discovered that 1 in 10 children in the world have no clean water that we decided to make our film. Children are missing school every day to walk miles to find water for their families. Why? We dream of a world where all children can have clean water.

Film 9 – Fengshan Senior High School Taiwan – Story About Fall Armyworm

Languages: English

Have you ever heard of fall armyworms? They are one of the Invasive species that pose serious problems in Taiwan. The fall armyworm is an insect that would destroy numerous crops, such as corn, rice and so on. This species could be found in Africa, Asia and Taiwan. Fall armyworms not only take away our crop harvests but also do damage to the economy of every affected country. Because of the negative influences, we hope to make more people aware of the bug’s harm and try thinking up ideas to reduce the harm.

Film 10 – Central Foundation Girls’ School UK – Regina’s Dream World

Languages: Bengali and English

This story is about a girl named Regina and her parents. Regina is seen as a troublemaker who always litters, makes a mess and is up to no good. Her mum is upset with her, but Regina does not listen to either of her parents. However, she soon learns her lesson- does she have the ability to save the world for the future generations?

Film 11 – Kamares Primary School Cyprus – Three Polar Bears

Languages: Standard Modern Greek and English

The story is about three polar bears who narrated their story to an arctic hare. Human behavior against nature caused climate change. So the icebergs in North pole started melting. The bears tried to find a home where the conditions were better and emigrated to local beaches. In the meantime, children met with adults and politicians and asked them to take measures immediately. From then on everything changed for the better.

Film 12 – Europa Secondary School UK, Go Ecolo – Save Earth

Languages: French, Italian,Portuguese. Hindi and English

The film is about saving the earth and about where to start. Taking care of the school is the first step. Rewilding, relocating owls, creating new recycling garbage bins, restoring a pond, negotiating a free meat day for the canteen …. The Go Ecolo club is to make our school greener.