Films Shown

Digital Connections IIStudio Programme:

List of Films

Paper Moon (1973) Director: Peter Bogdanovich

200 dollars –Ryan and Tatum O’Neal

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Lucky Dip

Stopmotion puppet animation

DVD BFI Education Resources: Starting Stories 2

Mairi MacLeod and the Metagama

This animation was first shown in Barvas Community Hall in October 1997. Itwas part of the Scottish Villages Animation Series produced and directed by animator Jessica Langford for Grampian and STV. It won first prize in the Best Animation film in the under-16 category at the Bradford Animation Youth Festival.

DVD BFI Education Resources: Starting Stories 2

The 400 Blows (1959) Director: François Truffaut

“Les quatre cents coups” (original title)

BFI Trailer –Youtube


Stopmotion Animation -St. John’s R.C. Primary School

First Light funded

Can you discern elements of fairness and/or unfairness?