History and culture

The table below lists films referred to in the book by title, theme and language(s). A key question negotiated with students is identified for each theme. Please click on the title of the film to go to the Vimeo channel where project films are housed.

The travels of Ibn Battuta Who was Ibn Bhattuta and where was he from? What was it like travelling when he was alive? What did he learn from his travels? Arabic-English
Malaysian Independence Day How is Malaysian Independence Day celebrated? Arabic-English
Nada’s Birthday What do you learn about Palestinian traditions? Arabic-English
A Journey to Croatia What are things you might not know about Croatia? Croatian-English
Happy Easter What happens when a Croatian boy returns to Bosnia to celebrate Easter in a traditional way? Croatian-English
Journeys of Captain James Cook Who was Captain James Cook? What do you know about his sea voyages? English as a foreign language

This film directory is structured thematically under the following six headings: