Personal interest/hobby

The table below lists films referred to in the book by title, theme and language(s). A key question negotiated with students is identified for each theme. Please click on the title of the film to go to the Vimeo channel where project films are housed.

Making Profiteroles What do you learn about food and cooking? Arabic-English
Fariz Freeze Dance What is freeze dancing and how did Fariz get into it? Arabic-English
All About Me What is it like to be a Palestinian girl growing up in London? Arabic-English
Young Palestinian talent What are the talents of young Palestinians today? Arabic-English
My Day What do you learn about Luke’s future dreams? Chinese-English
Rise How is rock music represented in this narrative of a band? English
Hot dance club What can you do to survive the stressful school life in Taiwan? English as a foreign language
Big Bad Wolf Talk Show What do you learn about Taiwanese students through a talk show? English as a foreign language
High School Lunchtime How do students spend their lunchtime in a Taiwanese school? English as a foreign language
Meine Freizeit What do I like doing in my free time? German-English
Meine Hobbys How are different cultures represented here? German-English

This film directory is structured thematically under the following six headings: