Reflections on school, local area and teenage life

The table below lists films referred to in the book by title, theme and language(s). A key question negotiated with students is identified for each theme. Please click on the title of the film to go to the Vimeo channel where project films are housed.

Reflections on Critical Connections


What do students think about the project?


A tour of Bohunt! What’s it like at Bohunt School? Chinese-English
Welcome to Bohunt How do they study Chinese at school? Chinese-English
A Journey through Senior High School What is my life like? What things are important to me? How do I cope with the pressures? English as a foreign language
I Like Myself, I Like My Life How does this Taiwanese student find meaning in his life? English as a foreign language
Haringey’s Journey What’s it like in our school and local area? Spanish-Turkish-Portuguese-German-French-Arabic

This film directory is structured thematically under the following six headings: