Lao Nong Elementary School, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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Lao Nong Elementary School was established in 1925. It is located at Liouguei District in Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Lao Nong is a rural settlement in the mountains. Most of the locals are farmers and earn their living on selling mangos and wax apples. However, the profit from each harvest is usually really low forcing many locals to work in urban areas. With parents working away from home, most of the students here at Lao Nong have less parental care thus giving them a disadvantage in learning in comparison to students in urban areas. The faculties at Lao Nong Elementary School understand their difficulties in learning and encourage the students to participate in many activities in order to enhance their learning.







校    長: 林敏婷  校長

主負責人: 陳炯憲  老師

行政協助: 趙泓棋  老師

語言協助: 張今燕  主任、  鄭凱文老師