Nan Tou Elementary School: Showcase

My classmate by Nantou elementary

If you give a child a handful of seeds, he can grow a forest. If you give him what he needs in his life, his potential can be brightened up. This story has inspired us to appreciate individual differences. Each child is unique. Making up his congenital defects, he will have chance to show his advantages. He can do the same as others to fight for equity.

Natural Dyeing by Nantou elementary

This is a story about the colour of dyes. A young girl follows the story of her mother and grandmother as she learns about the traditional way of dyeing fabrics. She finds out about natural dyeing skills and her mother’s belief that people should wear the colour of nature. The colours of nature are reflected in their clothes.

Trees by Nantou elementary

A student’s story of how he has loved trees since childhood. He loves their silence and their beauty. The digital story tells of their struggle to save the Hazel Sterculia tree that he remembers from his childhood. They manage to save this majestic tree and many more people can enjoy its shade.