Nan Tou Elementary School

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Nantou Elementary School is located in Taiwan’s Nantou County. Nantou is the only county in Taiwan which does not border the sea.  Nantou Elementary School was established 116 years ago, its grounds cover 370 acres, part of the area is overlooked by the 200 year old Banyan tree. In this lively school, we have a Taiwanese botanical garden, an ecological pool and art gallery to enhance teaching and learning.  There are 50 classes in our school and a total of 1227 pupils and 115 staff.

The Headteacher, Yu-Feng Wu, is very keen on promoting mobile learning in school.  We have a Micro Film Club and final year pupils will hold a film festival during their graduation.  We think this is a great opportunity to work with Goldsmiths, University of London and National Cheng Kung University for pupils and teachers to develop their media skills, critical thinking and awareness of international citizenship.


南投國小(Nantou elementary school)位在台灣省唯一不靠海的南投縣,全校3.7公頃,創校迄今已滿116年,200多歲的大榕樹爺爺是我們學校的守護神。巍峨素雅的校舍、台灣原生植物園區、核心廣場、生態水池、田園教學區、藝術迴廊,處處發揮潛移默化的境教功能,是個充滿藝術人文氣息與綠意盎然的學校。現在全校有50班,教師115人,學生1227人。

校長吳欲豐(Wu,Yu-Feng)積極想為百年老校注入活水,除了推動行動學習(Mobile Learning)外,學校另外設有微電影社,學生將在畢業時作微電應影展,剛好成大楊教授提供此訊息,配合主题,讓學生除了運用技術外,能有更深入的內容探討與設計,能擴展學生的視野。

The key people in our team:

Headteacher: Wu,Yu-Feng

Dean of Education: Yang,Yin-Hsiu

Head of Curriculum: Huang,Hsiu-Mei

Head of Administration: Shen,Huei-Ru

Head of ICT: Chen,Yu-Wei