Safir International School, Turkey: Arabic-English Poetry and Artwork

Project Participants

  • Hanin Rahmany
  • Mohammed Shadi
  • Aya Barghout
  • Leen Kendakji

Hanin Rahmany


If I were a cockatoo
I would fly across the country
And enjoy the high-top view
Admiring the artistry
This would be a dream come true
If I were a cockatoo
I would show off my yellow feathers
To the people on the cruise
And follow the trail which leads to treasures
Then enjoy the afternoon watching the kangaroos

Hanin Rahmany’s background

Hanin Rahmany is a Grade 8 student attending Safir International School at the age of 13.
Poetry inspired her to link her home country (Australia) to writing. This poem describes the simple life of a cockatoo.

Mohammed Shadi



Arabic Poem and English Translation

Pigeons are messengers of peace
In help of man, they carry messages
To deliver longings and send greetings,
they were the most trustworthy in the olden days
Beauty, purity, alacrity with no exhaustion
Their cooing is a call for glory and dignity
I met them in the poetry of my grandfather
In my heart, they have lived forever
Unique creatures made by Allah the Almighty

Mohammed Shadi’s background

Mohammed Shadi is a Yemeni 7th grader, living in Turkey for the past 5 years.
He is a big football fan who likes reading and playing video games. One day he believes he can make his country a better place.

Aya Barghout

My River

Poem in Arabic

Aya Barghout’s background

Aya Barghout is 14 years old and she is an 8th grader. She has a passion for drawing, reading books, and recently writing poems. She is so excited to be a part of this festival because it has given her the opportunity to participate in what she enjoys doing.

Leen Kendakji


Poem in Arabic and English

My life has been like a river
Full of memories and never-ending melodies
The rivers’ running suddenly stopped
The memories, moments and happiness paused
Stepping in the river could have been a mistake
But with hope, this ache
Can finally end one day

Leen Kendakji’s background

Leen Kendakji is a 13-year-old student in Grade 8. She enjoys music and reading and so developed an interest in poetry. She enjoys expressing her feelings and emotions through poetry, hoping people will relate to her thoughts. The poem “Hope” expresses her feelings about life by comparing it to a river.