Tainan Municipal Simen Elementary School, Taiwan

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Tainan Municipal Simen Elementary School, Taiwan

 Simen was established 101 years ago and There are 14 classes in the school and a total of 346 pupis and 22 staff.

Simen Elementary School is located in the Anping district of Tainan City, Taiwan.

This is an area rich in nature, history and culture.  The Anping tree house (a tree house famous in Taiwan) and Fort Zeelandia (a fortress built in the 1600s by the Dutch East India Company) are nearby.  Anping Harbour and the Taiwan Strait are just around the corner and the school is home to a famous sailing team.  In addition to the local resources, Simen Elementary School has fostered links with international partner schools, which facilitates pupils’ international perspective, and makes use of cloud computing in teaching.

The open style school building blends the architectural features of the Ming and European building styles – it offers pupils a spacious learning environment.

The headteacher, Tsui-Ling Alison Lu, is dedicated to enhancing the English language skills of both pupils and staff as well as their ICT skills. She hopes to take this opportunity for international collaboration especially as it can, in addition, develop pupils’ creativity, the ability of problem solving and critical thinking.


Key People in our team


Head Teacher: Ms. Tsui-Ling Alison Lu


Director of Academic Affairs: Ms. Shennon Chiu


Chief of Curriculum Section & English Teacher: Ms. Megan Yu


Chief of Purchase and Maintenance Section & English Teacher: Ms. Mandy Tseng


Six Graders’ Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Wen-Wei Tseng