Working with the resource ‘Language in Art and the Work of Ali Omar Ermes’ in the Arabic classroom.


Working with the resource ‘Language in Art and the Work of Ali Omar Ermes’ in the Arabic classroom.



The resource pack ‘Language in Art and the Work of Ali Omar Ermes’, was published by Goldsmiths, University of London in 2108. Based on an innovative cross-curricular approach to teaching Arabic as a foreign and community/heritage, the pack is aimed primarily at intermediate and more advanced learners but can easily be adapted for lower levels.


In order to support teachers in working with the resource, Goldsmiths Teachers’ Centre and Qatar Foundation International, have supported a programme of professional development workshops in London, Leeds and Birmingham. Here we present extracts from a video recording made during the workshop which took place at Goldsmiths on 22nd October 2018. For purposes of clarity and ease of use, content has been broken down into eleven sections.


You are guided through each section with short contextualising text, questions to think about and related materials. Two important general references are:


The Resource Pack


The workshop PPT


A selective list of terminology used in the workshop for talking about language learning and teaching is provided in Appendix A.


The Resource Pack was written by Reem Abdelhadi, Luma Hameed, Fatima Khaled and Jim Anderson.


The two presenters in the video clips are Luma Hameed and Fatima Khaled.


The project team was made up of:

Reem Abdelhadi      (Language teacher and educator)

Luma Hameed          (Visiting Tutor at Goldsmiths, University of London)

Fatima Khaled          (Headteacher of the Peace School, London)

Dr Jim Anderson      (Visiting Research Fellow, Goldsmiths, University of London)

Project management took place through Goldsmiths Teachers’ Centre:

Sue Dixon              (Head of Teacher Education (CPD) & Head of Goldsmiths Teachers’ Centre,Departmental Senior Tutor (ITE students))

Laurence Connor    (CPD Training Administrator)


Our thanks go to Merass Sadek (Glam Guru Films) for filming and editing.



  1. (a) Aims of the workshop
  • Visual art in Arabic language teaching


Length:  4 mins

PPT slides: 2 – 4


(a) Aims of the workshop


As you listen to Luma explaining the aims of the workshop, consider the following questions:


  • How relevant are the aims proposed to your teaching situation?
  • Have you already used art in your language teaching?
  • How did you approach it?


  • Visual art in Arabic language teaching

There is general agreement that cross-curricular approaches to language-and-culture learning can bring substantial benefits and this applies particularly to the visual arts.


  • Why bring art into Arabic language teaching?


  • Have a think about this question yourself or with a learning partner.
  • Compare your thoughts with those offered by workshop participants in Clip 1.
  • Look at Appendix B summarising key points.