Personal, social and moral issues / World news

The table below lists films referred to in the book by title, theme and language(s). A key question negotiated with students is identified for each theme. Please click on the title of the film to go to the Vimeo channel where project films are housed.



A life journey: leading through example How much should we care about others? Arabic-English
We Have a Voice What do you learn about the lives and languages of these students? English as an additional language/ other languages
School News Channel What news events are presented here and how are they interpreted? English as a foreign language
Inside the asylum What does freedom mean for a mentally ill person? Non-verbal
Coloured in Prejudice What happens when one character goes out of their way to abolish prejudiced divisions in society? Non-verbal
My sad journey What’s it like leaving your country to come and live in the UK? Urdu-English as an additional language

This film directory is structured thematically under the following six headings: