Traditional tales

 The table below lists films referred to in the book by title, theme and language(s). A key question negotiated with students is identified for each theme. Please click on the title of the film to go to the Vimeo channel where project films are housed.

Moroccan Cinderella How does the Cinderella story change when it is told in a Moroccan context? Arabic-English
Chinese Lion dance What does the story of the Lion Dance / Chinese Zodiac mean in Chinese culture and what does it mean to us today? Chinese-English
The Chinese Zodiac How are the different animals represented? Chinese-English
The Race of the 12 Animals How do the actions of the animals reflect the different characteristics these animals represent? Chinese-English
The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig What happens when we change round the story of ‘The three little pigs and the big bad wolf’? Greek-English