Broomfield School

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Broomfield School was originally founded in 1938. At that time it was called Arnos School. In 1984, Arnos School was united with Minchenden School on our current site. It is at this time that our school was renamed Broomfield School.

We are a co-educational school enriched by the diverse cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds of our pupils, staff and governors. The school has a strong spiritual, moral, social and cultural programme. We recognise the importance of mutual respect and of wanting what is best for one another. We have a strong sense of community and shared identity. We value the contribution that each person brings to our school. Our school motto since 2008 has been “United in diversity, together in learning”.

We want our pupils to excel in all of the many dimensions that make up education in its fullest sense. Firstly, and centrally, we aim for our pupils to excel academically, vocationally and culturally, but also physically and in sports, as well as in their social, spiritual and moral lives. So that when our pupils come to leave Broomfield School in seven years’ time, they will be knowledgeable, intelligent, well qualified, highly skilled, virtuous and well-rounded individuals, able to play their full part in society.

We look also beyond our school and encourage recognition of our duty to those in need in the local community and at the national and international levels. Each year the pupils of our school raise money for charities both in this country and overseas.


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