Shkolo Vasil Levski (Bulgarian School)

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The Bulgarian Shkolo “Vasil Levski” was established at the beginning of 2009 . Starting off in just a single classroom with only 20 students, today it has more than 240 kids, coming every weekend, enthusiastic to learn how to read and write in their mother language and study the culture and history of Bulgaria.

Although the students come only once a week and apart from the compulsory classes designated by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, they actively participate in lots of extracurricular activities. Such activities include charity events, ensemble for traditional Bulgarian dances, debates, art classes and performances of classical Bulgarian theatre.
Behind all those ambitious students stands a team of professionals making sure that each and every child follows and fulfils their own study methods and ideas and learns how to best express themselves. This is why even after a long week in their primary schools the kids always come ecstatic and ready for new experiences. For those and many more reasons, the school has been awarded as one of the best Bulgarian schools outside Bulgaria and the school principal and one of the teachers have been awarded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education for their contributions towards the development of the Bulgarian educational system.
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