Hua Hsia Chinese School Showcase

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Monkey King in London

Monkey King is a traditional Chinese Character from the famous novel “Journey to the West”, if there is injustice he always interferes. To describe the theme topic fairness, students from Hua Hsia Chinese School bring Monkey King to London, they reflect the theme with the story they made and present in the film.

Cheating in the test by Hua Hsia Chinese School

A Tour to China

In a dream a girl goes on an interesting journey to China full of wonderful sites and images. The journey begins after a lesson learning about some historic cities in China.

Captain America (Hua Hsia Chinese School) – Chinese-English

This bilingual Chinese-English film is produced and directed by Denis Coleman. The plot follows Captain America’s adventures with his friend, Wolverine, and their ruthless fight against their arch enemies, Deadpool and Magneto. A fantastical journey of Marvel Comics’ famous superhero.

Chinese Lion Dance

(Joel Lee, Stephen Leong, Madeleine Leong)

The lion dance is very important in Chinese culture, but what does it mean for young people today? This film tells the story of the Chinese lion dance and its costumes and traditions, but also presents a modern interpretation of the dance.

Zodiac Race of the Animals (Hua Hsia Chinese School) – Chinese-English

This is a bilingual Chinese-English film that was created collaboratively by Li-hong’s students. It is about the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac and the race of these animals to reach their order in the calendar.

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