Bohunt School


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Bohunt School is a mixed 11-16 academy with more than 1200 students enrolled. We are the state school of choice for the local area and draw students from the surrounding region, including the counties of Surrey and West Sussex. We were one of the first Languages Specialist Colleges in 1996 and our curriculum maintains a strong international flavour. We are a busy and vibrant school with high expectations and aspirations for all members of our learning community.

   We are proud of our academic success and are one of the top 30 non-selective state schools in the country. Furthermore we were one of the six shortlisted schools for the “Outstanding School of the Year 2013” award and one of only four schools to gain all four of the SSAT’s attainment awards. Our personalised curriculum provides students with an equality of opportunity that ensures all learners achieve, whatever their interests and strengths. An outward-facing attitude is at the very heart of Bohunt School’s ethos – the school is already a national example of best practice with regards to learning environments and Challenge Based Learning. Bohunt’s students have presented at the Apple European Conference, SSAT National Conference and Houses of Parliament.

   Our language specialism is a key component of the curriculum, comprising a variety of language trips and total immersion tutor groups who have almost 1/3 of their lessons delivered in a foreign language such as French, Spanish and Mandarin.

    Bohunt already has a number of inspirational learning environments incorporating the latest technologies that are used as a stimulus for students to take responsibility for, and control of, their learning.

    Work on previous learning related innovation has led to Bohunt:
    •    Helping the Department for Education trial Guided Learning (see appendix)
    •    Becoming an Advanced Consultant School for the SSAT
    •    Being nominated for a Digital Leaders Award
    •    Writing up case studies for the Schools Commissioner, Dr Sidwell and Apple
    •    Hosting teachers from Sweden, China, India, Bratislava, Mexico and France
    •    Presenting at the Apple European Conference, SSAT National Conference, Nord Anglia Leadership Conference and Houses of Parliament.

    Our aim is to use new technology to transform language teaching and learning by providing meaningful contexts and independence for students to engage in learner-led discussions and think critically and openly. This consequently helps to maximise their language proficiency and subject knowledge. The digital story telling project provides a collaborative platform for students which not only enhances their engagement, but also broadens their social and cultural experience beyond the classroom.

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