Gladesmore Community School




Gladesmore is a high achieving, over-subscribed, mixed 11-16 secondary school serving a culturally diverse community in South Tottenham.  The school has been graded ‘Outstanding’ in its last two OFSTED inspections.  Gladesmore was awarded a ‘Queen’s Award’ for its ‘Value Life’ campaign.  Over 80 languages are spoken in the school.  The Languages Faculty offers French, Spanish and Turkish in the curriculum and the full range of GCSE and A Level exams for community language speakers. A Year 7 class are the first this year to be offered Language Futures as an option on the timetable.  Language Futures is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.  Students have chosen to study a range of languages, including German, Hebrew, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Bengali, Urdu, Polish and Russian.  We are developing multi-media story telling projects as part of the Language Futures work.


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