Peace School

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Peace School is a community organisation established to teach Arabic language (to speakers and non speakers) and Islamic studies as well as offering a range of cultural and sporting activities. It is attended by boys and girls aged 5 to 16 years from different ethnic groups such as Asian, African, European. The school is based in the London borough of Brent,  North West London.

The school aims to enable the children to develop a better understanding of the Islamic/Arab culture through learning Arabic. As well as activities in school, outings are arranged to events such as the British Museum’s recent Hajj exhibition. The school also plans to develop links with schools in Algeria inthe future. Equally important it seeks to enable children and families to better integrate their heritage culture within British society and to contribute positively to this multicultural society. It also aims to prepare children to sit examinations in Arabic at GCSE and, hopefully, in the near future AS and A2.

A current priority is to develop a curriculum and teaching approaches which will be more engaging for learners especially at the secondary stage. Involvement in the Goldsmiths ‘Critical Connections’ project, developing the use of technology within a multilingual, cross-curricular framework, will help us in moving forward.

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