Greek Complementary School Conference

Language learning, technology and the arts: the power to engage.

A professional development for complementary school teachers.


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This was a one-day event and part of an ongoing collaboration between the Cyprus Educational Mission in the UK and the Department of Educational Studies (Teachers’ Centre) at Goldsmiths, University of London





Opening Remark (Chryso Charalambous) NRSC event at Goldsmiths-Workshop plan
10.20- 10.25 Welcome (Mrs Maria Papalouca)
10.25 10.50 Plenary: Creative and critical approaches to heritage language learning and teaching  (Jim Anderson and Vicky Macleroy)
10.50- 11.00 Learning Greek through science: an interdisciplinary approach

British Science Association Award Project 2014 (Marina Charalambidi)



Vocabulary acquisition and the effects of using drama: A case study in the Greek diaspora (Pieridou Myria, The Open University, London and Maria Kambouri, University of Reading)


Close-up On Heritage Language Learners: An Inquiry Learning Project British Academy Language Award Project for 2015

(Koula Charitonos, Marina Charalambidi)

11.30 Short break
11.40- 12.40 Speaking the music, writing the sound (Maria Yerosimou)

The integration of music with other subject areas, and in particular language arts, has shown positive outcomes in achieving non-music aims. This workshop aims at illustrating a number of ways in which aspects of music can assist in heritage language learning processes. Specifically, participants will have the chance to engage with music improvisation and composition activities, as well alternative music notation such as verbal scores.



We then move from Whitehead Bldg to Rm 225 in Education Building for Moviemaker session
13.20- 14.50 An introduction to Moviemaker live (Yu-Chiao Chung and Graham Salter)


Plenary: Building on the session today