Ealing Arabic School

Ealing Arabic School is a community school and one of the oldest in London. It started in 1984 by a group of Arab parents who wanted to teach their own children Arabic. Today, Ealing Arabic School boasts a student population of 180 – 200 students and rising.

Ealing Arabic School operates on certain Ethics and values that promote Education in a happy and tolerant environment. Our students are the focus of our attention and we do our utmost to make their stay with us enjoyable. We promote a sense of community amongst our students by organizing communal projects; we regularly organize sports days, class assemblies and school trips.

We also promote acceptance and understanding towards our students whose first language may not be Arabic, or that Arabic is not the student’s strong language. This encourages many students not to feel alienated from their culture and identity because of their language.

At Ealing Arabic School, we endeavour to use digital technology and multi media in our teaching. The MDST project  is ideal for our students as it encourages them to learn the language using digital media with which they are very familiar. In our Arabic as a Second Language class, we feel this is an ideal method for students to express themselves freely ‘on film’ and communicate with their teacher on a one-to-one basis.

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