National Fengshan Senior High School

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Background on school

National Fengshan Senior High School was founded in 1939. Over the years, it has gone through several changes. Now, it is a co-ed school for students ages 15-17.

The school is situated in Kaohsiung City in southern Taiwan and has 2124 students. Students have to pass a national-wide high school entrance exam to enter our school. Currently, there are 114 teachers and staff in our school. Students study several subject during the 3-year study, such as Chinese literature, English, German(optional), Japanese(optional), history, geography, chemistry, physics, biology, arts, music, computer science and physical education.

Teachers involved

Ms. Peggy Hung is the English teacher leading this project within National Fengshan Senior High School.

Reason for interest in the project

106 students who participate in this project are first-year high school students from all 18 different classes in our school. They are divided into three classrooms and meet weekly for one hour. Generally, students in my school are under great academic pressure. This is the only class they can feel less pressure to learn what really interest them. Therefore, I decided to guide them to participate in this project so that they can not only practice English and computer skills but also benefit from the interaction with students from abroad.

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