Here are a selection of films from the project representing work in a range of languages and from different schools (complementary, mainstream and overseas).

These represent a resource that can be used in various ways. For example, as an activity to involve students in developing criteria for what makes a good digital story. Or as a stimulus for intercultural projects.

A Tour to China

A bilingual Chinese-English film in which a girl goes on an interesting journey to China full of wonderful sites and images. The journey begins after she has had a lesson learning about some historic
cities in China.

Cinderella (Sarah Bonnell School)-Arabic

This digital storytelling is about Cinderella “the Arabic version”. The idea is to recreate the main events of Cinderella via reflecting Arabian customs, including clothes, music and language. We used digital images, hand drawings, microphone to record our voice, a camera and lots of discussion and imagination.

Young Palestinian Talents

Each girl in this film has a special talent which she considers very important in her life such as playing a musical instrument or writing creatively. The film shows other young talented Palestinians and encourages young people to take pride in their skills and pursue their own talents.

A Journey to Croatia: Did you know?

A bilingual Croatian-English film in which two lego characters take us on a journey from the UK to Croatia; its past and present. An audio-visual collage shows us some interesting facts about Croatia. It all ends with an exciting football match—the finals!

 Les Fées

Our movie is about fairies. They live in mushroom land and love to fly. There is the pink fairy, leopard fairy, forest fairy and panda fairy and they show each other their bedrooms. They all live in a mushroom house together. The bedrooms are themed around the type of fairies they are and they are fun friendly fairies.

I Like Myself, I Like My Life( Fengshan Senior High School in Taiwan)

This film tells the story of being a senior high school student in Taiwan. The student talks about his weekly schedule, his feelings and emotions, and how he finds meaning in his life.

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