Fengshan Senior High School

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Fengshan Senior High School in Taiwan

How weird is weird?

In our life, it is not unusual to see people who act a bit differently from others, such as a girl-like boy or a boy-like girl. Some might label them as being “weird”. But wouldn’t it be weird when we try all out to be different from others but show little tolerance to others’ being different? Though this digital story , we hope to raise the public awareness of gender-related bullying on campus , and call for the fair treatment for those being stereotyped or discriminated. Thanks to them, we are able to live in a world that is colourful and beautiful.
How Weird is Weird?
(Horng Shiuan Chang, Yu Yan Chen, Yung I Huang, Yu Syuan Luo, Po Yen Pan, Yang Shia)

A country girl’s reflections on fairness

Most people think life is unfair, so they pursue more and more resources even if they have to sacrifice what is truly precious in their lives. However, the girl living in the mountains doesn’t think so. Let’s rethink ‘fairness’ through the eyes of a little girl.
A Country Girl’s Reflections on Fairness by
(Bi-Chi Yang, Tzu-Hsuan Huang, Xiao-Jun Hsieh)

The Tyranny of the majority by FSSH

This Chinese-English animation shows how students in school learn how to make group decisions and how it is only through experience that these students learn to compromise.

I Like Myself, I Like My Life

(Jia Qing Wu)

This film tells the story of being a senior high school student in Taiwan. The student talks about his weekly schedule, his feelings and emotions, and how he finds meaning in his life.

Big Bad Wolf Talk Show

(Bo Hua Chen)

 This film uses puppetry, animation, photos and video footage to present a film within a film that tells us something about Taiwanese students through the means of a talk show.

High School Lunchtime

(Ying Jie Guo)

Ying Jie Guo has made a film about what lunchtime is like in a senior high school in Taiwan and what this time means to her. She talks about the range of foods, the clubs, and shares what she has learnt in the guitar club.

See more films here

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