St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School Showcase

St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School Showcase



ST mics

Les Fées

by Lorien Lambert, Eve Watson, Jessa Timog-Santiago, Romayne Silva)

Our movie is about fairies. They live in mushroom land and love to fly. There is the pink fairy, leopard fairy, forest fairy and panda fairy and they show each other their bedrooms. They all live in a mushroom house together. The bedrooms are themed around the  

farieis movie

La maison a l’envers

by Honour Switonski-Pongaloos, Rosa Chalfen, Rachel Siegal, Zhana Soltani

One afternoon, a bored girl decided to explore her attic. In the attic she found a mysterious book and discovered the amazing Story of the inside out house, where lakes run through bathrooms, funfairs whirl around bedrooms and the garden is littered with furniture. Have fun exploring the house!



Les problemes d’argent de Jean

John’s money problems is about John, a man saddened by the fact that he has no-one to share it with. Then Jim comes along, determined to make John happy. That’s when the party starts….but will John’s money problems be solved? 





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