Wanstead High School Show Case

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Wanstead High School Show Case

Inside the Asylum

by Ayub Hacini, Eric Canavan, Tom Ward, Paulo Santos, Mackenzie Teague

 This film is a dynamic story of a schizophrenic who escapes from an asylum but is still trapped inside his own mind. It touches on the themes of mental illness, imprisonment, and the unknown, but is also an exciting, action-packed film.


Coloured in Prejudice

(Annie Batty, Zahra Rahman, Samiah Haroon)

When a lonely, depressed character goes out of his way to abolish the prejudiced division in society, he is met by the unwelcoming committee of the foreign lands over the sea. Will he succeed in his good natured intentions? Or will he fall into the dark pit of prejudice?


The Outsiderws3

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